Mail Mirror - A Safety Feature

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Mail Mirror - A Safety Feature

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I've been meaning to write something about encouraging people checking out the Mail Mirror feature for a while now. This feature is extremely helpful for saving copies of messages that are handled by our system.

Too often, we get requests for help into support about messages from the queue that were accepted by another mail server but never arrived, were accidentally deleted, or were bounced by another server and removed from the queue. We're usually asked for backups of those queued messages, but since we're truly not secretly storing copies of messages just in case, there's no chance to recover anything because the queue is constantly changing.

That's where the Mail Mirror feature comes in. Mail Mirror allows you to define addresses or domains to "mirror" to a hosted mail box by storing a copy for backup or emergency access purposes. It uses the independent storage of a standard hosted mail box, which is not affected by the mail queue. Once a message goes into a mirror it remains there until it expires (based on how long you configure it to keep messages) or manually deleted by logging into the mirror box. Mail Mirror is available to all accounts Personal level an higher. For it to be effective it needs to be enabled before there's a problem, not after.

For more information about Mail Mirror visit the help page at:

To configure Mail Mirror go to:

Mail Mirror was first introduced back in February 2009.
Seth Mattinen, Roller Network LLC
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