New Feature: Mail Mirroring

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New Feature: Mail Mirroring

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We're pleased to announce the release of our Mail Mirror feature. The mail mirroring feature allows you to mirror addresses or domains to a hosted mail box by storing a copy for backup, auditing, or emergency access purposes. A mirror uses hosted mail boxes for storage and therefore the backup data is readily available using IMAP/POP3 or webmail. When a hosted mail box is used as mail mirror storage it has an automatic "expire" date where messages older than the configured number of days are automatically deleted. This expiration process prevents a mirror from growing out of control.

Mirrors can be used on a mail domain in any mode, such as storing backup copies for your mail server or for hosted mail in case you accidentally delete an important message.

To start using Mail Mirror log in to the account control center and go to:

For more information on Mail Mirrors see:

Mail Mirror is available immediately at no extra charge.
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