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Mail forwarding

Post by flashpoint241 » Thu Aug 24, 2006 11:26 am


I've just registered for your service but I not able to receive email yet.
I've set my MX records for mydomain to "".

On the 'mailservices' page on rollernet website I added mydomain to it and I've set the mode to "SMTP Redirection x.x.x.x:2525" in which the x.x.x.x is my servers IP-adress. I've also set up recipient maps.

But if I sent an email to user@mydomain it doesn't arrive. In the mail logs on this website it shows that the email has been received by the roller smtp server: "accepted by". And in the queue it shows the number of messages I've sent under "".
I did a telnet on myserverip on port 2525 and I can connect on that, so the roller server should be able to connect to my server.

I'm a bit new with setting up a mailserver. I'm using postfix. How can I check if postfix receives anything at all? Where does postfix stores logs? I've checked /var/log but couldn't find it there. How can I check if the roller server is able to connect to my server?


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