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I've been a satisfied customer for a couple of years now and I wanted to implement Rollernet at a customer.
His question was how trustworthy is Rollernet, "I can't find anything about them and my e-mails have sensitive information in them."
I wasn't able to put him at rest.

Anyone any ideas where I can find any solid statements, reports or something to convince him?

ps. Were located in Europe and Rollernet being off-shore didn't help either.
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The reality is that nobody can offer guaranteed secure email; don't believe any provider that claims to do so. Even the most sophisticated systems can be breached by sufficiently motivated individuals. One way to secure truly sensitive information is to encrypt it (i.e. public-key cryptography), preform the decryption yourself on a trusted workstation, and keep the key secure. Of course, account access is only as secure as the password. Never share passwords to sensitive information and always use an appropriately complex password. We do implement TLS on our SMTP channels when supported by the sender or receiver, but this only provides basic security for the transmission channel. We do have a public key encryption feature on the drawing board (where we encrypt messages with a specified public key upon reception), but it's still a while out.

We're not aware of anything that can claim how trustworthy we are, but we can say that we use an account just like you for our own email. If you've ever received a non-automated email from us you can verify by looking at the headers, and the MX records for point at the same mail servers. We feel that it's important for us to use our own services in order to offer our customers the same level of service we expect. The only difference is that we don't pay for our account.

There's a some threads out there that we see a lot of web traffic from,,, and to name a few. But if the concern lies in that we aren't a big name corporation - we just aren't - there's not much we can do to address that.
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