Mass mail import

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Mass mail import

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I need to import a large mailbox (10.000+ mails, incl attachments) from PST to a Hosted mailbox.

I know you can just drag-drop from outlook to IMAP, but with so many mails it's just a matter of time before something goes wrong.

Maybe you can build a Rollernet Migration Tool to make this process easier, and thus making it easier to choose Rollernet to migrate to.

I was thinking of the following options:
- mass pst import (e-mail-address.pst > hosted-mailbox, or better with a gui (select pst, select hosted mailbox))
- import from Exchange (a bit trickier i presume, maybe using pst in between)
- import from other pop3/imap server (Additional Mail Sources, but initiated from the same app, and for one time use.)
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