Problem receiving mailform

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Problem receiving mailform

Post by drikkie » Mon May 13, 2013 5:41 am

Hello Seth,

I have a client who has a webform on their website, but the do not receive the webform in their mailbox. It even does not reach the incoming queue or it gives a bounce message in the incoming logs. The form is created in wordpress.

In the form they have receive address, For the receive address we have and to check also my private hotmail account. We do not receive anything in the info@domain mailbox, and also nothing to see in the logs at rollernet of even receiving the mail.

But the hotmail box receives the mail perfectly. I copied the header from the message in the hotmailaccount:

Received: from ([]) by

The server is not blacklisted, I check several times...

Do you have any clue wht might be wrong??

Thanks in advanced.


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Re: Problem receiving mailform

Post by Seth » Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:43 pm

If I recall correctly there was a support ticket where we addressed this issue. But for future readers, if there isn't an entry in our online mail logs we didn't get a connection: you would have to check the logs on the sending server to see why it's not connecting to us. As long as the SMTP transaction makes it to the RCPT TO stage with us there will be an entry in the mail logs through the online control center.

I apologize for the much delayed response. Due to spam issues (spam posts and spammer registrations) we stopped monitoring/maintaining the forums for almost a year.
Seth Mattinen, Roller Network LLC

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