What's New in May

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What's New in May

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The following announcement was sent by email only to accounts with a contact preference of "You can contact me" on May 13, 2009.

[rollernet] What's New in May

We've been busy adding requests over the last few months and we're pleased to officially announce them. First up, we've added some more mail submission ports [1] - including a "fake HTTP" port - to our outbound mail service to make it more accessible to anyone behind extremely restrictive firewalls. As promised, we finished some additional usage statistics [2] that will give you a per-domain breakdown of mail usage. To help set up and troubleshoot your mail service we also added a test message function [3] to the control center. And finally, for our advanced users, there's a raw data display (CSV format) for the Primary DNS service.

[1] http://forums.rollernet.us/viewtopic.php?t=550
[2] http://forums.rollernet.us/viewtopic.php?t=556
[3] http://forums.rollernet.us/viewtopic.php?t=548

Now the major new features: Additional Mail Sources and IP Address Helper.

There's been a gap in our services for a while in that there was no official way to gather mail from other POP3 or IMAP mail boxes and consolidate them into our mail services. We're happy to report that we finally have our additional mail sources feature that can do this. Of course, we went the extra mile and added some little things other providers don't offer such as IMAP folder support, one minute polling times, and unlimited sources. We don't limit our retrieval service to hosted mail boxes - it will work with any mail domain mode. It took some time because we went the extra mile, but we hope these additions will be useful.


Finally, the IP address helper feature was born out of necessity: how do you deliver mail to a mail server that doesn't always have an IP address? If we accept a message and try to redirect it to a DNS name that doesn't return an IP address, it will bounce. Setting the domain to "hold" mode manually is inconvenient and tedious. Our solution: automatically change the mail domain mode between SMTP Redirection with an IP address and our unique "Accept and Hold" mode. The IP address helper feature will monitor a DNS host name you specify and set the domain mode accordingly. If we can successfully get an IP address, we'll automatically redirect your mail to that IP. If not, we'll hold your mail in queue for up to three weeks until an IP can be found. Simple, yet effective.


Links to all of these features and their full announcements can be found in the announcements section of our forums (forums.rollernet.us) or click on the links above. All of these features are available immediately at no extra charge.

Do you have a suggestion? Send them to us! Many of the small features and additions to our service come from users like you. We can't think of everything and chances are your idea could be useful to someone else, too.
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