SpamAssassin Enhancements

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SpamAssassin Enhancements

Post by RollerNetSupport » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:42 pm

We've added a new feature to the SpamAssassin filter - Maximum Allowed Score. If a message scores at this maximum or higher, it will be rejected at end-of-DATA regardless of the other settings. This option allows one to permit messages that exceed the minimum score and still reject exceptionally high scores. Adding this third class of scoring, you can divide messages as not spam, might be spam, and definitely spam. It's a simple, but effective, addition.

Additionally, we've added a multi-domain setting function that allows you to apply SpamAssassin settings to one or more mail domain. This feature was added by request and can be found under "Multi-Domain Settings" on the choose-a-domain page or at the following URL: ... .php?multi

Finally, we'd like to state that we are aware that the lack of Bayes support in our SpamAssassin implementation is a shortcoming in our filter. We intend to correct this soon and enable Bayes learning and classification. Keep watching our announcements for its release.
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