New Unified Whitelist

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New Unified Whitelist

Post by RollerNetSupport » Mon Feb 21, 2005 2:13 pm

The new unified white listing system is now active. This white list will replace the individual IP-only white lists that were present in the DNSBL and SPF domain settings. The unified white list introduces IP address, subnet, sender domain, and sender email address level entries. Each entry can be applied to a specific domain, filter, all domain, all filters, and any combination of the above. Full details can be found in the Whitelisting section of the help page.

Entry types other than IP address require a $25 minimum donation to the Roller Network. Anyone who has donated prior to February 21 will have access to the new features for the life of their account, regardless of amount donated. The decision to implement donation-mandatory features was a hard one to make, but 2.1% of users donating wasn't enough to pay the bills anymore.
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