New Mail Doman Management

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New Mail Doman Management

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The previously separate Secondary MX and SMTP Redirection sections of the account manager have been rolled into a new single section. In addition to reducing clutter, the new interface will allow you to change mail domain types without having to remove and add domains. This unified interface is also a hint at a series of new features aimed at mail domains; although I won't divulge what they are, we'll just say that we're increasing the flexibility and capabilities of our services far beyond other companies that offer services similar to ours.

Since we are growing rather rapidly, I encourage everyone who hasn't donated yet to please do so if you find our services indispensable. Our core "classic" service will remain free. However, due to increasing demand and a 2.1% donation rate, expanded services and advanced features will not. Please help us keep the Roller Network free by donating:
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