"Basic" Accounts Still Available

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"Basic" Accounts Still Available

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In light of the recent billing upgrades, many of you have been confused about whether or not we still offer our Basic accounts. The short answer is yes, we still have the Basic (free) level. The long answer is below.

If a donation was posted under your account sometime in its lifetime since it was activated, your account was translated into discounted Basic Plus. Back then, donations were required to activate advanced features, and these features have been available on donated accounts, whether they were used or not. If you don't have a need for any of the Basic Plus features, you can safely cancel the invoice, or let it expire on its own on the 19th. Your account will become a Basic account at this time.

There is no penalty or anything of that sort for unpaid invoices. If an invoice is unpaid when its renewal date comes up, any services on that invoice are simply removed from the account. We notify or run auto-pay (depending on your auto-pay preference) 14 days before the renewal date.
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