New DNS Features: NOTIFY, AXFR Hosts, Retransfer Zone

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New DNS Features: NOTIFY, AXFR Hosts, Retransfer Zone

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We've added some new Secondary DNS features:

* The ability to enable NOTIFY. By default, NOTIFY is disabled. If you need our DNS servers to send a NOTIFY, it can be enabled on a per-domain basis. When a zone is successfully transferred and loaded, a NOTIFY will be sent to the NS servers.

* Zone transfers can now be requested through the account manager. Requesting a zone transfer will also trigger a NOTIFY, if enabled.

* Up to three IP addresses may be added to send AXFR requests. Servers in this list will also receive a NOTIFY, if enabled. By default, AXFR requests are denied. (This is analogous to BIND's allow-transfer and also-notify directives.)

* Zone files may be purged from our servers through the account manager. The detailed configuration page for Secondary DNS zones will now show whether or not a zone file exists on our nameservers.

We've also updated the interface for Secondary DNS management. All of the above features are only available on paid accounts.
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