[outage] Denial of Service Attack (2007)

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[outage] Denial of Service Attack (2007)

Post by RollerNetSupport » Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:27 am

On March 7, starting around 3:56am PST and lasting until about 10am PST, the Roller Network was the target of a UDP packet flood denial of service attack. Although our network core and servers were unaffected and continued to operate normally, the attack consumed all of our incoming bandwidth resources at our border routers. During this attack, very little mail was processed, and DNS services were impaired.

We were able to coordinate with our transit providers to block the attacker's addresses. Although we quickly blocked all UDP traffic in our network core (which allowed mail to be processed for anything in our DNS caches), the attack was still causing our border circuits to be over utilized. Since this attack was disruptive to our services, and our first major outage, everyone with a paid account will be credited one week. (Services pending cancellation do not qualify.)

If you have any questions regarding this incident, feel free to contact us.
Technical Support support@rollernet.us
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