SMTP REDIRECT - Can't quite get it to work...

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SMTP REDIRECT - Can't quite get it to work...

Postby DrLou » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:35 am

As my first foray into Rollernet services, am trying to set up SMTP Redirect for a couple of our domains - Can't quite get it right!

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$ dig MX
does return these records:

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;; ANSWER SECTION:      60   IN   MX   10      60   IN   MX   10

So far so good?

Then, I've got this SMTP Redirection set up in Rollernet:

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-- where our 'home' smtp server is up, and responding, on that port.

Still I cannot get this to respond:

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$ telnet 25

Does anyone have an end-to-end example of this? Thanks!
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